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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Servo Motors / Drives > Mitsubishi Meldas 500 Servo Alarms S01-003, S03-0051 & S03-0052
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    Mitsubishi Meldas 500 Servo Alarms S01-003, S03-0051 & S03-0052

    Hello I can't seem to figure this one out on my own so I wanted to ask for some help. After a normal day of running my mill & a proper shut down procedure I keep getting 3 different servo alarm error codes when I move the Y axis. Some times even before I move Y axis it will have the S01 Servo Alarm 0032 and if I shut it off it may turn off but when ever I try to move Y I always get S03 0051 & S03 0052 servo alarm codes.

    So this is what Ive done so far after reading a bunch of helpful things on this forum. I took the way covers off and inspected for debris & anything causing a bind or a mechanical problem but everything checks out. Then I loosened the ballscrew from the servo motor and when I rapid or jog Y axis even without no load I still get an error. I pulled off the encoder and check the wires they all look good connections look great & it looks like the encoder was replaced at some point in time. Then I tried disconnecting the encoder cable off the motor and left the motor plugged in and it seems like the S01 server alarm 00 32 goes away maybe? What should I try to trouble shoot next I have been stumped for weeks on this and don’t have much extra cash to buy parts that may not work. Thanks again for all your help.

    Machine info:
    Takumi Seiki V8A Model # MCV-810
    Meldas 500 type: M520AMR
    Mitsubishi AC Servo Motor Type HA100NC-S. (Y-Axis)
    Mitsubishi MDS-B-V2-2020 I think this is the Y axis Servo

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    Re: Mitsubishi Meldas 500 Servo Alarms S01-003, S03-0051 & S03-0052

    Hello Mckeown,

    I to own a V8a Takumi VMC. We've had ours for about a year and have had our share of challenges in getting it up and running. Had a server module go bad and have very limited manuals (none on the Takumi itself and just a programmers manual and instruction manual for the Meldas 520am controller).

    After having gone through the process of moving it after auction purchase and getting it all set up and passed the hardware issues, we have successfully written and executed our first 'major' G Code on the machine to great satisfaction. At the end of the day we shut the unit down completely and the next morning we powered it back up only to find we now have an S02 error and find ourselves scrambling to try to overcome the issue but to no avail.

    I would like to try to setup a dedicated Takumi V8a/V11a forum for we owners of the machines in which we can try to help each other out.

    You are correct on the module number for the Y axis Servo. That is the unit I had to replace. Hope you never have to replace it as it will run approximately $2,000 for a used one.

    As near as I can tell, the S0? errors look to be more associated with configuration than with hardware. If I do not turn on the actual Meldas controller from the panel and only power up at the main power to the machine all modules pass there initial self tests and return an A6 code which I have found to be a normal condition. It isn't until we turn on the Meldas CPU through the panel power on switch that we receive the S02 error and all modules are rotating a sequence of codes in a cyclical fashion. I suspect you may find the same regarding your system and the S03 error you are experiencing. You have the 0032 alarm code associated with your issue where ours returns 0000.

    I have found this link that sounds like it is related to your issue: https://www.cnczone.com/forums/mazak...00-series.html

    Take a look at that and see if it is and if it helps you to overcome your issue. I will help any way I can if you still can't get over the issue to include comparison checks on our system to see if your's is missing something.

    Nice to find a fellow Takumi V8a owner. Would enjoy keeping in touch.

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