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    CNC router kit or cheap from ebay


    I'm new here..
    After watching so many DIY videos on youtube, I decided to get a CNC router (however I cannot find where in the forum traditional CNC questions are located..)
    An easy solution is to buy ready CNC from ebay, for instance this one has a big working area (77*49cm) with a 1500W spindle and it is relatively cheap.. There are even cheaper models with less power starting at 300W...
    Do you know what kind of work I can do with a 1500W motor vs a 300W motor? I mean what are the limitations of the 300W compared to the 1500W.

    Also, I have already build some 3D printers and I have 2 smoothiboard laying around..
    So I'm also wondering if it could be better to buy parts with higher quality and build the router myself..
    For example I heard that the Z axis gantry should be robust enough to avoid tilting..

    In short, I have a budget around 1000€/1500€,can I get a decent machine?
    I'm also planning to buy a laser cutting machine...

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    Re: CNC router kit or cheap from ebay


    This is Tim from China.And I was work in a China cnc router factory and now I work in a factory of laser equipment.I'm not trying to promote any items from our company.I know it won't give you any help.

    The standard models of my former company including 3030(300x300mm),4040(400x400mm),6060(600x600mm).Th ey are usually used for metal cutting and with the characteristic of worktable movement(gantry don't move).And larger working area include 6090(600x900mm),1212(1200x1200mm),1325(1300x2500mm ),1530(1500x3000mm).

    The spindle power include 0.8kw,1.5kw,3kw,4.5kw,6kw,7.5kw,9kw,11kw.The 800w is the minimum power I heard.But I think 300w is less powerful and 1.5kw is more powerful and with higher speed when cutting or engraving.The spindle blow 3kw is more suitable for engraving and above 6kw for cutting.

    You can built it by yourself if you have enough experience but I think a ready machine from China is a better choice because it will cost too much time to build such a small machine(Of course it's OK if it's your hobby or you want to build more in the future).your budget is enough for a 6090 1.5kw machine.

    We was providing gantry with aluminum and cast iron,the gantry with cast iron is more robust and more expensive in our former price list.

    What material do you want to cut or engrave?What's the max thickness you want to cut(if you need cut)?

    Laser cutting machine.I work in a laser cutting machine company in China so you can ask what you want to know.Just want to help


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    Thank you..
    I want to do milling and cutting in wood and aluminium.
    I will study the subject..
    Eg. on youtube there are very good build for not that much..

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