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    MPG Selection

    What should I be looking for when selecting an MPG dongle? I'm using a Gecko G540 and Mach 3.

    I found 4 so far:


    I'm leaning towards the Tormach knockoff 'Shuttle'. Main reason is, do you really need all those buttons that you see on the Chinese ones? Also I like the double wheel i.e. inner wheel is fine control, outer is rapid. I also like that it's on a cable. I don't really want wireless, recharging is the most annoying thing in the world I think. One question that comes to mind about it is on the Chinese ones, you have the Off position for the axes. Do MPGs generate pulses when a program is running? Do you really need the off position? There's obviously no off functionality on the Shuttle.

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    Re: MPG Selection

    Can't do advanced edit for some reason, so I'll post my edit to the post above here.

    I searched the forum for discussions on this issue but couldn't find any talk about MPG selection. Which is quite surprising! Maybe I searched wrong.

    Also, what's the dealio with resolution? Most steppers seem to only like 0.001, 0.010, 0.100 and 1.000 as the options. But I can't remember what the figure is off the top of my head, but I doubt my CNC machine can do distances like those. Well specifically I'm curious about the 0.001. I didn't come up with this problem, that's from 5:40 from the final video that I attached.

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