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    Iemca Boss 542 parameters

    Hello all

    I am trying to get my Iemca Boss 542 to run on my Mori Seiki lathe.

    Problems right now are:

    1. Can not figure out how to by pass all parameters and just get the pusher bar to move forward on its own

    2. Can not access parameters prtected by access code. I follow allt he steps and get to where the "right code" is displayed. However after F2 I enter F3 (move to parameter no. When I enter a protected parameter say 33 (type of headstock, then push enter, it automatically skips to parameter 22.

    I do not need all the functions of the loader to work, really only need the pusher to mover forward on it's own

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    Re: Iemca Boss 542 parameters

    What Mori? Model and control

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