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    Alarm no SKT21

    I'm with him, the photo alarm. AL-32 center point ng.
    the lathe does everything except turn the spindle. does not run in the automatic mode.
    Does anyone know how to solve ??
    thank you.

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    Re: Alarm no SKT21

    Does your machine have the tail stock quill confirmation switches? They may be out of position or you may need to bypass them with M-code in order to turn on the spindle with the quill retracted.
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    Re: Alarm no SKT21

    AL-32 Abnormality in RAM internal to LSI for serial data transfer

    Did you try and load a program as I think your memory requires clearing

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    I understand this thread is one year old, but have you solved your problem?
    I have a SKT200 2007 Oi with the same alarm.
    When i try to MDI ex: M03S1000 it clicks and pops the same Al.

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