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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Mitsubishi controls > Argo a1 tool changer and dnc help need mcodes please
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    Argo a1 tool changer and dnc help need mcodes please

    Hi there just took purchase of a used Argo a1 bt40 drill tap machine 12 tool tool changer and with a Mitsubishi Meldas 520am controller here in Australia. Unfortunately we are severely limited with tech support and I'm really unfamiliar with this old controller as I've used centroid in the past.

    The machine has a 2 stage table pallet changer fitted. I'm currently trying to get the spindle to unclamp to manually load a tool but there is no spindle clamp release on the machine nor on the control panel. I'm also trying to get the 12 tool changer to rotate to a tool in mdi mode and have no idea on the code or macro to do so as there is zero info in the manuals.

    Lastly trying to get a ausys dncone dnc to work with the machine has anyone successfully done so? As I just get p46 tape i/0 error or e04 device not ready error when in tape mode and device is set to 1 I try searching the file on the dnc controller hooked up via rs232 cable.

    Any help would be insanely helpful as kinda lost here with no help. My business email is fifty50knives@gmail.com locate din Brisbane Australia. Warm regards James Milne.
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