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Thread: deskcnc info

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    deskcnc info

    Please i need your help , about the Deskcnc 2end Generation controller board
    i woud like to upgrade my cnc router with a 6watts laser engraver that use TTL/PWM port .PLH3D-6W-XF Engraving Laser Head
    i want to ask if his bord have a PWM output to drive this laser head.

    PLH3D-6W-XF Engraving Laser Head
    laser diode Control Inputs
    The laser head has two separate controls. Input #1 accepts 0 - 5V for analog power modulation. Input #2 accepts 0 - 24V for TTL/PWM and turns on the laser when the voltage exceeds 2.5V. (Input #1 can also be used for PWM if #2 is dedicated for TTL only.)
    Best regards.
    zouari Riadh

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    Re: deskcnc info

    The Deskcnc 2end Generation controller board does have a PWM output. This signal can be used to control Spindle RPM or Laser Power.
    There is a setting in the Options menu to choose between Laser and Spindle, as well as if PWM signal needs to be inverted.
    In your case, I would ting you want to go with #2.

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