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    Unhappy MicroMill Z axis problem

    Good morning,
    Up 'till now my micromill has been working well. I am using it to cut out small plastic panels for a Hammond plastic box. I have done over 100 panels and have had no problem until today. Yesterday I was cutting out a panel to support a micro USB connector - no problem, made 11 panels. I turned the unit on his morning to cut out more panels, set the zero up, loaded the file, and turned it on, but instead of the Z axis moving up, in my case 8mm, it moved down and tried to plunge the cutter into the jig - not desired. The x and y axis appear to be OK but the z axis is moving opposite direction. The program has not been changed so what do you think I am I doing wrong? This have not happened before.

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    Re: MicroMill Z axis problem

    Problem solved! Someone was using the mill after I used it and had a problem with the switch latch on the front door not working so they attempted to remove the back cover and pulled off the Z axis connector. They put it back in what was thought the right orientation. Once I was told this I changed the orientation of the Z axis connector stepper and it's now working correctly. These connections are easily pulled out as there is not much slack - neat inside but not much room. I have not figured out the connection for the front door latch. Is there any chance of getting a wiring diagram showing the hook up for the board. I am sure others might run into the same problem? The wires to the micro switch got snagged and the connector got pulled out of the board inside. Wiring diagram would be nice.

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