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    Question Anilam 1400M Keyboard/rotary switch issues

    We have a Fryer MB-11 with aa Anilam 1400M Control, after replacing the Real time clock (motherboard battery) we have lost the functionality of the Rotary selector switches (for Axis selection, feed rate, jog rate, and spindle override). Everything else seems to work fine, machine boots, homes, and all programs are accessible. A keyboard error displays during boot up. It seems to have lost the parameters to read the selector switches, is there a way to restore that?

    After home is complete, all we can move is the x axis very slowly. I checked all the fuses and physical connections, they look OK.

    Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Anilam 1400M Keyboard/rotary switch issues

    Check CMOS settings in the COM port area. I believe the manual panel was connected to COM1

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