Any advice? My new to me (but well worn out) VM15 mill is having "out of pocket" issues with tools 7 to 16 on the tool changer, 1 to 6 work great. My only theory is 1 through 6 were primarily used and are well polished. I have cleaned greased, oiled, etc all of the working parts. It looks to me that on a tool change it rotates one spot, trips the in pocket sensor, then when the motor stops it bounces back and in turn un-trips the sensor, I have tried fiddling with the ATC parameters for COAST and BRAKE which were originally 110 and 60. No luck so I switched them back to the original. Its as if its not electronically braking. I have also grabbed the cam gear and there is a little play (maybe .01" at max of rotation), but nothing substantial like the bounce back in the video, I'm pulling my hear out so any help would be awesome! Thanks!