Purchased a Partner 1 with the brushless servo drives a few months ago. Was told it had a problem with the Z axis - bad servo motor. Long story short (See my previous post) discovered two bad servo amps and was able to get the servo motor running with a different servo amp. Been away from the project for a while but dug back in seriously this weekend. Have the Z axis drive removed and replaced with a newer drive - the motor runs but here is where I need help. Since the machine was not working when I brought it home I have very limited knowledge of running it. The Z axis servo motor is not installed but it is wired into the machine. I have tested it using the test function of the drive but am not sure if the motor runs the right direction or not. Can someone tell me which direction the Z axis travels with a positive voltage applied to the input of servo amp? Or is there a way to jog the axis without first homing the control? I also have the Y axis servo amp wired in but will need to get it set up and running with the replacement servo amp so need to do the same kind of testing on it as well. Have the position feedback lines disconnected on the Z axis right now.