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    Post How to choose a reliable bending machine supplier

    How to select reliable channel letter bending machine suppliers has always been an issue that has plagued corporate users, but choosing the right letter bending machine and the right bending machine mould products need to consider the application of the machine, the bending radius of the parts and etc. So it is necessary to choose from the actual situation of the company, and based on the above parameters, the channel letter bending machine producers can recommand the most suitable machine for the buyers. If you choose improperly, it will cause the company's production costs to climb. It should be noted that the material grade of the bending machine processing plate is also a key factor, compared with the processing of low carbon steel, higher hardness stainless steel requires more pressure to be able to use normally, if the soft aluminum is bent, then the actual bending pressure can be reduced. When using the current bending machine and bending machine mold, you should carefully look at the machine's tonnage table, and you can get the estimation of the bending machine pressure required under different thickness and different materials.

    Perfect Laser is a leading manufacturer in the stainless steel letter bending machine industry. PEL-700 three-in-one letter bending machine is a fully functional automatic letter bender with automatic feeding, automatic folding, automatic bending and other functions. This machine has double-knife and double curved arc device, it is highly efficient and stable, and it can simultaneously process aluminum, stainless steel and iron, it can be used for many purpose.

    This fully automatic three-in-one bending machine PEL-700 is a brand-new advertising production equipment independently developed by Wuhan perfect Laser Co., Ltd. It can be used for marks, lables, neon billboards, billboards, light box production, outdoor advertising and etc. It is suitiable for aluminium strip’s bending, stainless steel strip’s bending, iron’s bending, galvanized steel’s bending and other materials’ bending.

    1.Easy to operate: Fully automatic can realize offline work, three-in-one letter bending machine, no tool change when changing processing materials;
    2. High slotting accuracy: accuracy can up to 0.01mm;
    3.Groove depth and angle are controllable: using CNC axis to control the depth and angle of the slot, the processing effect is better
    4.Long working hours: The three-in-one letter bending machine can keep working more than 72 hours;
    5.Durable: three-in-one letter bending machine’s slot number can up to 3,000 - 100000 times (depending on the type of material)
    Select Perfect Laser's fully automatic three-in-one bending machine and choose your trusted bending machine supplier partner.
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