The laser cutting machine is a relatively high-end precision equipment. Every component is indispensable. Therefore, we must maintain every component so that the laser cutting machine can play its greatest advantage and help us create more wealth. Here, Perfect Laser emphasizes the installation and maintenance of the pressure regulating valve. How can it be installed and maintained in order to play the biggest role of the pressure regulating valve?

First, before installing the pressure regulator, remember to blow clean small particles such as dust and oil in the pipeline, and be sure to prevent the shredding of the sealing material.

When condensate is heavy in the air, condensed water is left in the valve, which can easily cause a bad condition of the pressure reducing valve. Therefore, the handle should be installed at the bottom to facilitate timely control; the direction of import and export must not be reversed, otherwise the pressure reducing valve would Leakage for a long time, loss of pressure regulation function; two pressure reducing valves do alternating high and low pressure circuits, please use one-way valves to prevent reverse flow; if there is condensate, oil, dust, etc. in the pressure piping on the inlet side, it will cause Ordinarily leaking orifices or orifices are blocked, which affects the effect of the pressure regulating valve. Therefore, the front of the pressure reducing valve should be equipped with a filter to prevent dust, oil, etc., and it should be used within a certain temperature range. Exceeding the temperature must have Loss should avoid direct sunlight and bring damage; appropriate space should be set aside for pressure regulating operation and maintenance; the regulator valve adjustment button should be locked after the pressure regulating operation is completed.

According to the above step by step, the pressure regulating valve can exert its maximum efficiency, and it can help the laser cutting machine to play its biggest role and improve the cutting efficiency.