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    Tool Load Monitoring

    Hello everyone. I am new to machining in general and this forum too of course. I come from an IT background and have been filling in gaps in my understanding but ran into a wall. The shop I am in has a Doosan 130 II, and a fanuc 31i model B setup. The problem is the manual and such we were given was translated poorly from korean, and does very little in the way of documenting the section on tool load monitoring. I have been able to infer and figure out everything but the RPM indicator next to spindle load. It has no percentage next to it, just a single number. In the first picture of the manual it shows it clearly, but the second picture it is nowhere to be found. I have seen this in multiple manuals online as well, I think it might be either different software versions or perhaps a difference between a bore machine and a lathe. Either way, I have no idea what it does. I figured it would limit the max rpm, or perhaps a minimum, but in the first picture it shows values at 500 which seem rather low. Raising or lowering it seems to do nothing with the programs we are running, but its possible that our workNC overides the value somehow I suppose. Is there better documentation out there I am not finding or does anyone know off the top of their head?

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    The best inspiration I have had on this so far is that perhaps this is a monitor for various RPM settings. The screen allows you to enter tool number, which wouldn't make much sense as an alterable parameter as they could simply number each value in the table to correspond to its tool, unless you can have multiple settings per tool. My best guess is that you can adapt the tool load to vary based on the RPM's of the program that is currently running, allowing to monitor different loads at different speeds. I have continued to find no data on this parameter. The machine is currently down for repairs so I will have to wait till its back up and has some free time for experimentation before I can confirm this though.

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    Re: Tool Load Monitoring

    Not a Doosan guy here, but load or type of load may vary based on DOC, WOC, and plunge vs side milling as well as based on feed rate and rpm.
    Bob La Londe

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    From what I have seen that is correct. We use standards for each program we run in terms of how deep we cut with particular ends so that we run the spindle loads at specific percentages based on the RPMs we want. So in general each bit has its own set of standard operating numbers it should see. The tool load monitoring lets us put in percentages of load for every axis and the spindle, but the section where we can enter RPM's is where I am drawing a blank. It only has one number, so unless it defaults to something like "up to the entered number but more then the previous" i don't see how it would handle my idea. Even translation errors has its limits in terms of loss of data so its more likely something far simpler and just didn't get mentioned in the manual we have. Unfortunately compared to images online of various other fanuc systems, and other tool load monitoring setups this system seems rather different then the norm. I am not sure if it has to do with software versions, or that maybe its not standard. I am told the machine is about 2 years old so I can't imagine its just a matter of being too old or too new to find relevant data. I am assuming I am just new to machining and don't know what to look for here.

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