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    Question 20 H.P. Steam Engine

    Excuse me ; I am a new member. I saw where some were discussing about steam engine design. I was looking for knowledge about a 20 H.P. piston valve steam engine by Mike Brown. I have been under way with machining of the castings and various parts from stock raw materials. I purchased the drawings and castings as a kit while he had offered them; which he had discontinued doing because he now makes the engines complete and sells just them himself. There were a few changes of the design which he notified me of one particularly and accomidated me for . It has been difficult to communicate with him; lack of response. This is a new design and I haven't heard of a running track record for proven endurance. Because of a no. of changes ; a few problems I am concerned about proceeding and finding out there are other problems. I wouldn't mind knowing of these before I finished the engine. Thanks for your input
    Just an added note; this is not near the engine which powered large industrial usages. It is not a toy though; It weighs over 170 lbs. It seems to be a nice design ; twin 90 deg. cyl. 3 x 4 . Is supposed to have 200 ft. lbs. torque at 200 psi. , in other words, it will do some work. If someone could offer some knowledge on this one I would just be glad for that.
    There are signs all over in this state which I live of steam history. Old stationary locomotive type boilers with trees growing around them , and sometimes through them. Steam engines attached to winches dynamos etc,; half sunk in the earth from long time there.
    When the price of oil began to rise again a couple of years ago I began to think about developing some old technology, for an alternative source to do some work , instead of just waiting for the state of our dollar to consume me.
    Even if only some part time use would practically be available; It is something that may make a difference. There is a lot of firewood for use.

    By the way I have been getting a sense of the cnczone mannerisms. I get that I am a 'chip sweeper'. Someone asked me recently if I kept my shop space swept. I said, not very good lately. You'd have to see this improvised shop space where I have been doing industrial business for the last eight years to understand. Which is how I chose shopbuilder for a user name. I am presently under construction of a real building. Once again; you'd have to have knowledge of this.

    I first began to sweep chips in 1974.

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    Try Homeshopmachinist.com. Those guys are all into that type of thing and would be able to help I bet.

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    mike brown 20hp

    Hi, How did you get on...is it up and running? I would like to see some pictures of a working Mike Brown 20HP steam engine...thinking of getting one myself.

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    Try Live Steam and Outdoor Railroading on line, Bill

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    Did you get your 20 hp steam engine running. I am currently building a steam engine myself but I'm taking a much cheaper and simpler approach.

    David Thomas Sr.

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    20 hp steam engine sold

    After so long I am on this site again. I saw a few inquiries about my steam engine. To say with few words; I sold this unfinished engine. I didn't feel much confidence in the design; it was an expensive prospect to finish, including time, and I have more pressing needs which have developed in recent times requiring that I give the more of my attention toward making a living for my families needs. I have some interest to build a more basic and simpler design some day as with a few other projects of interest.
    But priorities in life change and the weighing up of things that will be for the right kind of fruitfulness for practical and good use and effect.
    I am one of those antiquated machinist which still physically turn the machine cranks by hand. I would like to get or build a small cnc mill to learn the ropes, as it were. I use cad software so I'm not too much of an, old dog.
    Possibly I may learn how to build and opperate CNC with the use of my EMC software I have. What's your story.
    having faith toward the Lord Jesus Christ,

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