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    Help Identifying Electronics System in Unknown Mill

    If this does not belong here, please feel free to let me know and point me in the right location to post about this, or if my question is even valid and I should be asking a different question.

    Also, please understand that I am not a machinist, so I really have no intimate knowledge about the mill itself, I merely want to find a wiring diagram or something of that nature and rewire this thing so that my friend can use it as a CNC mill.

    My friend and I purchased this mill from a shop for $500 under the assumption that it was entirely manual in nature so that my buddy could make motorcycle parts. After the daunting task of getting it back to our shop, I started poking around inside of it and noticed what seems to be parrellel ports to hook the machine up to a computer, thus making me think that perhaps at some point this thing was computer controlled.

    All of the date stickers point to the machine being manufactured in 1988
    The transformer for the motherboards and the motherboards themselves are labeled as being "Axis Systems"
    Model number is 29992-39

    So again all I am looking for is some sort of wiring diagram or at least be pointed in the right direction of where I need to search in order to either rewire or refurbish this thing back into a CNC mill.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Help Identifying Electronics System in Unknown Mill

    That's quite a piece of equipment. Looks like the original head was replaced with the XLO head, as far as I can tell, XLO never made a machine that looks like that. The machine frame looks kinda like maybe a V3 Cintimatic, but that's just a guess. The Westamp boards look to be brushed DC drives. I looks like there might be a motor on the Z axis, but I can't see motors on the X & Y axes. Based on the control panel it looks like at sometime in it's life the axis drives were operated manually, used as power feeds. No idea what the original control was.

    If it has ball screws and is in good mechanical condition, then I would start from scratch and install new axis motors and drives and and something like Mach3 or LinuxCNC. If it does not have ball screws or is not in good mechanical condition then I would just us it as it is. The head is worth more than the purchase price if it's not broken.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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