I am new to this forum and got my router engraver 50 X 40 only recently and I have failed to get going with mach3 and cut2D.
I would like to make a wooden plaque of my house name SAN JOSE so I am asking if some helpful person would write the G code for me
SAN JOSE for carving on teak wood about 16" X 6" with a groove on the perimeter of it .
I also wish to get G code for the attached image which was made on a digital tablet. Size about 12" X 8"
If possible please save these on .nc format for convenience of the router, I will be happy to pay a fee to the obliging person who will do the needful for me this is very important for me as I am eighty years old and too old to learn new tricks like the old dog and I want to make at least these two items before I abandon the project totally