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    Post procesor for my milling machine

    Hi , I built my own 4 axis dental milling machine. It works under Mach 3 so and I need to adapt the 2015 Delcam Dentmill CAM software for my machine kinematics. Is it possible ? All I know is about to create post procesor .

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    Re: Post procesor for my milling machine

    If your milling machine only has four axes, the kinematics aren't too complicated. Set up X, Y, and Z as linear Cartesian axes, and A as a rotary axis parallel to X calibrated in degrees. You can do all that in Mach3. If you know how to create the post-processor for that CAM program, it should just work. If not, you should be able to get help from DelCAM, or Autodesk, which acquired them.

    Is that a picture of your "Babin" machine? It looks more like a lathe than a mill...
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: Post procesor for my milling machine

    Hola, tengo un proyecto similar al que expone en este hilo.... me gustaria saber si ha podido encontrar un postprocesador para esta situacion.... es decir que trabaje desde Dentmill a Mach3.... seria una gran ayuda para mi. Muchas gracias.

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