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    powering C11G eithernet smoothstepper and the Viper 200

    I have a new old CllG and a eithernet smoothetepprer and a Viper 200 I have the High voltage supply for the viper it looks like i need a seperate isolated supply for the viper. reading the smoothstepper manual it looks like tere are various ways to power it i am starting from scratch and using a laptop so i do not want to pull power fr is there a wiring diagram somew has jumper settings somewhere

    Thank you

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    Re: powering C11G eithernet smoothstepper and the Viper 200

    Wiring the C11G to the ESS is simple, you just need and IDC26 to DB25 ribbon cable, like this one:


    You can power the ESS and C11G with the same +5vdc power supply.

    For the Viper you will need a +12vdc power supply and run step and direction signals to the step and direction pins that you assign and the breakout board and use the ground on the C11G as common for these signals.

    The ground of the +12vdc that powers the viper logic can be common with C11G, just make sure the negative of the main power supply is not. the Viper driver is isolated for this purpose.

    If you need additional help with this, you are welcome to open a support ticket in our website:


    Arturo Duncan

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