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    Vcarving to minimize surface chipping

    Vectric Vcarve pro 8.5
    60 deg V Bit depth
    Red Oak

    I will be V carving some red oak, in a 16"x 20" glued up three pieces wide.

    In the past this material has been pretty stable to V carve, that is to say there weren't many centers of letters like "o" and "a" that popped out, much better than pine.

    I have a plaque to do and want to Vcarve it as carefully as possible to minimize chipping and popped text.

    Should I:
    Use a slower RPM or faster?
    Use a slower feed rate or faster?
    Pass Depth, 0.010" 0.020" 0.030" or more?
    Plunge rate, 0.005" 0.010" 0.020"

    I was thinking of setting the initial "Flat Depth" of 0.010" and a pass depth of 0.010", feed rate for 30 IPM for the entire surface just to break the surface fibers to their full width, then cut to the full depth on subsiquent passes. what do you think? Other that i'm way too ANAL, LOL? but a 16"x20" glued up piece of red oak is expensive and time consuming to make up.

    Your tips and thoughts are appreciated.


    Mr Chips

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    Re: Vcarving to minimize surface chipping

    Sharp bit is the big key. These are cut in red oak. .125" depth, full cut one pass. 20,000rpm 120ipm. The tree measures 4" overall and the little spots are .050" in dia..

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    Re: Vcarving to minimize surface chipping

    Good information with excellent details with absolute figures.

    Thanks for taking the time.


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