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    millplus connect to tncremo ?????????

    sir what is the value of machine constant of 311 and 313 ..this is use for data transmition thru Ethernet connection...with the help of tncremo...i want to connect my machine with pc..machine dmu80t with millplus grundig controller..right now my machine reply me when i use ping -t but not connect with tncremo ..i believe that i have to change some machine constant ....but dont no how and what is the right value..



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    hi I'm Nasser
    have you try using CDS-LIT software to connect you'r machine?

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    Hi I have an old Millplus control and try to connect with TNCremo with no good result. I call to DMG Mori technical service and they said that software will not work with mill plus. They said need to get CDS Lite fron Heidenhain but is not available anymore. So as I know TNCremo will not work. we need to get a link to download the CDS Lite software... any clue?

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    Finally got CDS Lite software (if anyone needs it)but still not communications between control and PC

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    can i have CDS Lite becayse i need to connect my millplus dmu 50 evolution please??
    if anybudy can help please text me on my email ezariqi@outlook.com

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