Hello Everyone,

I have decided for once and for a while to dedicate every minute of my life until i have full understanding of creating virtual machines and postprocessors associated with it. I know this sounds absurd but after 2 years of wanting to know it, it is a little less absurd.
So i have choosen CamWorks to start this with. I have some knowledge already but ofcourse far inadequate.

My first and most important question is: Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to build a virtual machine in Camworks Virtual Machine?

I have been looking around but couldn't find anything on how to build your own machine and set up the correct kinematics so any help of youtube links or articles would be highly appreciated.

Hope someone has gone through the same hassle and can point me in the right direction.

Final Goal is working postprocessors for following machines:
4 axis XYZ gantry with rotary on spindle so XYZB machine
4 axis mill turn XYYZ Gantry with rotary on table so XYZA machine

Both controllers are LinuxCNC ( but thats another part, the postprocessors for it, first the virtual machine )