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    bodor laser bcl-x 1006 (new2018)

    Laser is well built physically, clean pleasing lines.
    Negative things --air exhaust from the deck not underneath, so the smoke swirls all over the head and gantry
    --air compressor is good typical Chinese continuous compressor but they reduce the air out 2x to the head
    when its at the head its a 1/8 in line reducing the flow, they even have a valve to adjust , adjust what?
    Random no fire issue--this has developed in the first 2 hours of the machine use, sometimes it takes 9 power cycles for the pulse to work
    and sometimes 2, when it pulses its good to go
    The problem with service is you have to proof you have a problem-- videos and written reports and then after a long time maybe you will get action
    I have not yet, it may take months dealers cannot just replace components, manufacturer does not trust the dealers and make them too go through
    this proof then mess around and take time.
    But like I have read here you buy china you accept this treatment or service
    This is a typical problem with this make of laser "random fire--just google it", so you would think they would have a fix
    One owner had tube ,power supplies, controller repolaced and he still has random fire or pulse
    I have a 2008 100watt and I guess I was lucky touch wood it just worked , so buying a 2018 model I thought I was in for treats well
    not the case , manufactures in china I am told don't update if something is working
    Not sure where this is going to go

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    Re: bodor laser bcl-x 1006 (new2018)

    Hello there, hoping I can help here as I've had a hand in importing, adjusting and distributing Bodor lasers in the US for the past 3 years.

    I hear what you are saying about the airflow reduction, so very annoying indeed, but from a functionality stand point, plenty of air still pours out of the nozzle for basic engraving and cutting. For cutting thick materials, we recommend upgrading the air compressor. This really gets her blowing, more than you would want actually.

    Air flow is definitely an issue that has no easy remedy. Not a big deal if you're engraving really, but cutting does tend to swirl the smoke around in circles. This model can certainly use a proper remodel with a suction table like the Aeon NOVA10 we offer as an equivalent.

    Now lets see if we can get down to this random "no fire" issue. One thing people rarely suspect is a faulty water flow sensor in the chiller. If that valve is sticking or just not opening and closing properly, it can certainly cause this. The next time you have this issue, remove the P4 green connector from your power supply and then press the red P3 test button that is right next to it. P4 is the chiller alarm and P3 lets you pulse right from the laser power supply. If it pulses, then this means the chiller is what's acting up. You can then repair the flow control sensor of replace it. It's very easy to repair and I can help you with that if it comes to it.

    You mentioned having another laser. If you want to try something right away, you can swap chillers with your new laser. Then you will know for certain. Let me know how it goes.

    Engraving Machines Plus, Corp.
    Melbourne, FL

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    Re: bodor laser bcl-x 1006 (new2018)

    Thanks for the reply, I will try your suggestions

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    Re: bodor laser bcl-x 1006 (new2018)

    I spent 2 skpe calls with bodor trying to prove what was wrong, last one was
    2.5 hrs and the engineer finally admitted it was a controller and relay

    Then he advised me I had no warranty left they would not replace anything
    A week prior i sent in the machine label and nothing was said about no warranty
    this company has a bad realtionship with customers they feel its all your fault
    when the machine is not working well , since i bought this its been in and out of working
    as i had a lot of small problems--drives--power supply etc
    I did not purchase this direct from china but through a canadain dealership, a big lesson
    for me

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    Re: bodor laser bcl-x 1006 (new2018)

    got an email from the dealer today and bodor is going to replace the controller we'll see how thatgoes, the last time they helped with a power supply it took months
    but its positive direction again
    maybe this is going to run

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