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    Angry Not happy with Vectric - WARNING to anyone looking to buy.

    WARNING to anyone considering Vectric

    I was looking into upgrading my Cut2D.
    To do anything with Vectric you need your original email address, doesn't matter that you have the license code and can prove who you are.
    My original email was at Yahoo, which I killed for obvious reasons, now I can't access anything on their site or upgrade my software simply because I no longer have that email address.

    I would be so pissed if I had bought one of the $$ thousand + programs and they pulled that s**t on me.
    Not the way to do business

    Here is the last email I sent and their reply -
    Keep in mind I bought this over 10 years ago. Paypal only lets you go back 7 years now, so I have no way to get a receipt.
    Someone else has taken over yahoo mail name since I dumped it in 2013, so yeah, it IS long dead.
    For some reason I can't get this through their heads.

    WTF is the point in even using a license code in this case??

    Shawn Kelly <bluumax@xxxxxxxx.com>
    Sept 10 7:44 AM

    to Vectric

    I don't see anything on the site or anywhere else that says the user must have the original email address,
    nor have I ever heard of anyone doing anything so ridiculous.

    I dumped that Yahoo account before all the changes were made to the site in 2015.
    There wasn't even a "Customer Portal" back then.

    I still can't log in to the user forum, so they have changed that as well.
    I have posted on there quite a bit in years past.

    I'm not looking to get the software, I already have it, which makes this all the more stupid.

    Using an email address solely for ID is absolutely ridiculous.
    What happens when someone gets hacked and they have to dump their email?
    You tell them "Gee sorry, too bad for you." REALLY?
    This is NOT the way to do business.


    Charlie Pullen (Vectric Ltd.)

    Sep 11, 13:30 WEST

    Hello Shawn.

    The email address is used to identify the user, since only the user will have access to it.
    Failing that, the receipt of purchase is accepted in place of Email account.

    After that, we can ask for account details, however some customers choose to not supply any details when they order theirs software as is the case here, so there are no other identifying details on the account beyond the email that can be used.

    Since the Yahoo email account is still active as well, and not "Long Dead" then to access the inactive portal account, you just need to sign into the registered email account and use the activation email that was sent there. Even if you do not have the current password for the yahoo account, as the account holder you will be able to reset the password.

    You can then use that to correctly verify your ID and access all software due to you.

    I'm afraid I cannot remove the security from the account if you have lost any and all proof of ID required, and breaking these policies would put the accounts of the system at risk.

    Best Regards

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    Re: Not happy with Vectric - WARNING to anyone looking to buy.

    Hmm... such poor cybersecurity.(( I had the same problems 2 years ago and I was so mad. Why haven't they implemented something like biometrics to enter the account (facial recognition for example).

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