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    Inconel 625 on CNC Swiss

    Does anyone have suggestions as what Sandvik grade would work well on AMS5666 (Inconel 625) for cut off and turning? I am having the cutoff insert chipping on the 5th part first chips on the bar stock side of inset then the next chipped on the part/pickoff side? this is with the speeds and feeds the Sandvik reps gave me of 160SFM and Feedrate of .002 per rev. Hope someone has something that works well.Thanks

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    Re: Inconel 625 on CNC Swiss

    Your SFM seems alright. I'd start with .0005 IPR. I usually max out at about .0009 IPR when cutting off SS or High Temps. Try Sandvik Grade 1105. I personally use Iscar cutoff inserts. Grade IC907, 908, or IC806 and they work great. Good luck.

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    Re: Inconel 625 on CNC Swiss

    We have been using Mitsubishi on Inco 718 with great success.

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