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    fadal 4020 c.n.c spindle

    dear sir,
    i am mechanical maintenance engineer
    when i replace the bearing of spindle i need to know the correct an arrangement of 2 bearing at the bottom and the 2 bearing at the top of spindlr
    bearing number (7210 and 7012 )
    thank you sir
    Eng. Adel

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    Re: fadal 4020 c.n.c spindle

    do you have the correct tools to remove and replace these precision parts?
    Presses and plugs? Master Machinist available ?

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    Re: fadal 4020 c.n.c spindle

    I am not sure how they are configured, but just put them back the way the old bearings came out. If you didn't look, likely I would change paths and buy a reman spindle. You need special tools, precision reloads and assembles in a clean room environment. Any contamination inside the spindle will spell a short life. FadalCNC.com has both new and reman spindles in stock at the best prices on the web.

    FadalCNC Tech Support

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