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    CNC 6040Z X-Axis crawls, Help?

    I'm new to the CNC world but was enthusiastic enough to acquire the china 6040Z USB with 1500w spindle. Have just started engraving and faced an odd behavior of the X-Axis. The attached image depicts steps, each one of them created during the depth increments. It seem like the X-Axis crawls in small intervals from left to right.

    The steps width 1mm (the bit dia is 2mm). I tried it in various Cut and feed rate and got same phenomenon.

    I'm using Mach3 and CamBam. Any idea how can I fix this?

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    Re: CNC 6040Z X-Axis crawls, Help?

    Hello, I have the same problem with my new CNC6040Z machine. I have tried different models, different software, different gcode flavors, it is always there. Must be a configuration issue.
    Did you solve this problem ? Thank you

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    Re: CNC 6040Z X-Axis crawls, Help?

    Have you got handwheels on the backs of your stepper motors?
    If so, with the power OFF, manually wind all the axis through their travels and make sure they all move freely and smoothly along their entire travel distances.
    If not, you have a /some mechanical issures that will need to be addressed.

    Is there any lubrication on your rails and balls crews? try some light machine oil ( sewing machine oil) and see if that helps.

    If a mech issue, you may need to start disassembling and check each component for binding.

    I found many problems with my X61500GT. Two bearing blocks had to be replaced, Y axis ballscrew replaced and ball nut block re-shimmed.....

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    Re: CNC 6040Z X-Axis crawls, Help?

    This may help it is from Almicar.
    CNC6040Z DSP X axis drift

    Hi, this post is to share my (short) experience with my new machine bought on Aliexpress from ChinaCNCzone factory store end of August 2019 (2245 USD, 4 axis and pump).
    This is the DSP version with a stand alone controller with SD card. The controller is SMC4-4-16A16B.
    No need for a PC. Just put the gcode on the SD card.
    This is my first CNC and I am a total newbie in CNC, but with lots of experience in 3D printing. My background is in electronic engineering.
    The machine arrived fast by TNT to Switzerland in a very good wood box and it has been easy to assemble it, no real need for instructions.
    Mount the spindle, the 3 stepper motors, plug the cables in the controller connectors (all marked) and voilà.
    The user guide for the controller SMC4-4-16A16B can be downloaded from internet, it seems to be quite popular.
    Do not look for CNC6040 but look for SMC4-4-16A16B.
    A lot of videos on youtube also.
    It is not really a problem to get used to this controller, XYZ zeroing, using the Z probe etc. Most of the keyboard has no use yet.
    My first model milling went very wrong.
    There was a quite big drift from layer to layer, say 3mm, on the X axis.
    It took me time to understand that the drift was continuous during operation and not from layer to layer (noob ;-)).
    The best way I've found to show the drift is to zero the tool in the air, use foam, make a hole under the XYZ zero in the foam using the manual controls (Z only), then make the tool fly in the air with a gcode program, pause the machine, tell it to go to zero, lower the tool close to the first hole by hand and compare the position of the tool with the initial hole then restart the gcode execution.
    My first reaction was to swap X and Y. Same problem, now on Y. So it was on the control line of the X channel and not on the machine.
    I tried without the spindle running (and the pump off ...) : no drift.
    So it was an interference from spindle to X channel, I thought.
    I took the spindle cable out of the cable path, since all the cables are tight together.
    Same problem.
    Tried with a ground cable connected to the spindle body.
    No progress.
    Then I opened the control box and identified the X channel controller, on the left.
    It was very close to the pump supply cable. Mmmm, it was maybe a pump to X channel interference !
    So I tried with the spindle running at full speed and no pump (there was water in the spindle, no risk) : no X axis drift !
    To avoid spindle heating, I was running the pump when I was checking the zero, gcode paused.
    Now, I have rerouted the pump wire inside the box and put a capacitor on the pump connector, and everything works a charm.
    By the way, I don't like that pump too much. A submersible pump for fish tank looks much better because it does not need to be primed, and there is no noise and no interference of course because it is supplied directly from the mains.

    At the end, this machine looks pretty well built, the electronics look professional, well organized, and except for this stupid pump interference story, it would have worked a charm out of the box.
    At this stage, I am happy with the machine.

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