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    Guilloche Pattern Generator (g-code, .dxf vectors and .bmp output)

    This software does not fulfill any practical purpose...just for decorative patterns to be used with v-carving, engraving or diamond drag bits. It is like a very configurable spirograph with selectable number of loops, traces, orientation, trace width etc, that can generate circular, rectangular or linear guilloche patterns and output as g-code, .dxf vectors or bitmap image. The g-code can be specified for flat (x-y-z) or rotary machining (x-z-a or y-z-b). In case of rotary output, variable radius blanks can be used (e.g. cones, barrel shapes etc.).
    For more information, see HERE.

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    Box Joint and Dovetail CAM software here: WWW.TAILMAKER.NET

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    Re: Guilloche Pattern Generator (g-code, .dxf vectors and .bmp output)

    Looking for find more information or the Guilloche and Maze software once offered.. Nothing left to download on Tailmaker.net website and states the site will cease in April 2020. I
    tried sending an email inside the website with the following message and was hoping for a reply to TodLJohnson at yahoo dot com

    Hi Sir,
    I just tonight came across your website from a CNC blog about mostly Guilloche pattern generator but mazes as well.
    Sadly, noticed your message about software discontinuance and not link for downloading your software? I have an
    old guilloche addon for Corel Draw and saw your patterns were very interesting. Is there anyway to download and
    try or acquire a zip file or something? My primary reason would be to export DXF files to use in Corel Draw.
    Any chance I could try or procure your files. Photos appear to make all the parameters highly programmable.
    Thank youi so very much. This is a hobby of mine and I would be most grateful. Thank you and Happy New Decade.

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