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    Corrugated Board Production Line

    BHS, MARQUIP, FOSBER, MITSUBISHI, ISOWA, JIAYOU, HUANQIU, PETERS, HSIEH HSU, JINGSHAN, CHAMPION, FULI, TCY, SIMON, AGNATI, LATITUDE and MINGWEI are all famous Corrugated Board Production Lines at home and abroad. This text will mainly focus on the TCY Corrugated Board Production Line.
    TIEN CHIN YU MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. (TCY is the Abbreviation of this company.) is established in 1959, which is a professional enterprise to provide Corrugated paper Machine to clients all over the world.

    PartI. The Grinding Wheels in the
    TCY Corrugated Board Production Line:
    (1)Specification: D50*T20*H15*W7*X3/5 ( can carry F607ZZ bearing)
    (2)Abrasives; Diamond/CBN
    (3)Bond: Resin
    (4)Grain Size: 180#-325# is suggested in grinding the T.C. blade, and 150#-230# is suggested in grinding the HSS blade and other Steels’ blades.

    Part II. The information about Blades &Knives
    in TCY Corrugated Board Production Line
    Blades used in TCY Corrugated Board Production Line mainly include the following four types: Round Thin Blade, Slotted/Fan Knife, Knife Seat, and Long Knife.

    The materials of the blades & knives used in Corrugated Board Production Line mainly include Tungsten Carbide, High Speed Steel, and Cr12MoV , etc.
    Roles of each type of Blade:
    (1) There usually have 6 evenly distributed holes drilled on the Round Thin Blade to fix the blade on the mechanical equipment and then to cut the Corrugated Board into two pieces.
    (2) Fan knife is also known as slotted knife, is usually used to slot the Corrugated Board!
    (3) The Long Knife is usually composed of two parts, and the High Speed Steel (HSS) and Tungsten Carbide (T.C.) is usually welded as the cutting edge separately, because in the process of cutting, the cutting edge is only used.
    (4) Knife Seat also can be called the bottom knife. The role is to fix the Corrugated Board. Knife Seat can be made as a whole or be made two parts according to the client’s drawings !
    The specifications of the Round Thin Blade in TCY Corrugated Board Production Line:
    (1) D265*T1.2*H112*PCD135* ∅11.6mm
    (2) D260*T1.4*H114*PCD140*11.6mm
    (3) D300*T1.1*H112*PCD135*∅11.6mm
    ‘Herohome’ is a professional factory to produce different types of Grinding & Cutting Tools. We can totally provide you with Grinding Wheels &Blades used in different Corrugated Board Production Lines! Also, we can manufacture Grinding Wheels& Blades with non-standard shape according to your drawing! We are very willing to sincerely and professionally serve our every customer at home and abroad!More Details Would Be seen our website:https://www.beherohome.com/products/...-YINGLONG.html
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