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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > Chinese Machines > ATC 2.5KW Jianken - Chinese spindle review and close look.
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    Re: ATC 2.5KW Jianken - Chinese spindle review and close look.

    That's right.

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    Re: ATC 2.5KW Jianken - Chinese spindle review and close look.

    Hey Fox3D, just wondering your thoughts on this spindle a year later?

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    Cool Re: ATC 2.5KW Jianken - Chinese spindle review and close look.

    spindle is great. i have converted 100kg of aluminium in to chips, and its still running like it was new.if for some reason i will kill it i will buy exactly the same one.
    another great point is that i have way less damaged endmills. and finish is just perfect.

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    Re: ATC 2.5KW Jianken - Chinese spindle review and close look.

    I have been using this spindle for over a year now and i would like to share with you some tests i have made.
    also i run this spindle to its limits, or actually to the vfd limits.

    i was really surprised it can handle so much. deferentially i will push it a bit harder after those tests from now on


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    Re: ATC 2.5KW Jianken - Chinese spindle review and close look.

    Quote Originally Posted by fox3d View Post
    recently i bought Chinese ATC spindle, because there is very limited amount of information about it I made a review of it with some explanations and demonstrations.
    I hope it it could help.


    full review of Chinese ATC spindle, unboxing, first impressions, finish quality, vibration test, noise test, installation and results.
    I was looking for a reliable manufacturer of cnc spindles and it looks like i found one.
    I can honestly say that this is possibly the best Chinese spindle on the market, with really good support behind.
    also they provide very high quality tool holders from company in Taiwan: Parfaite PARFAITE TOOL CO., LTD.

    Spindle tool holder which i got is a ISO25 taper and ER20 collet.

    Spindle price was 1450usd.

    spindle manufacturer website: spindle motor, spindles for engraving and grinding, atc spindles, constant power spindles, constant torque spindles, Lathe machine spindles, milling machine spindles, drilling spindles - Jingjiangcity Jianken High-Speed Electricmotor Co.,Ltd
    contact email: jk@jian-ken.com
    ceramic ballbearing manufacturer: CoorsTek | Global Leader in Engineered Technical Ceramics
    Good video, it is really helpful to understand.

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