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    insurance question

    i hope i post it on the wright forum

    I am buying a new machine and looking to insure that machine per financing request , does any have a suggestion for a company that insure only that machine
    i bought one 5 years ago and i pay for that $477 a year and the insurance was provided for the financing company , now the less i can get is with my actual liability company is $1600 a year
    and the value of the machines are about the same .


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    Re: insurance question

    When I bought my first car, I first decided to insure it, but unfortunately, I ran into an unproven company, and it turned out to be cheaters, and in the end, I was cheated for money. Every time I need to contact an insurance company, I use verified only reliable companies to avoid any fraud. Recently I even came across an exciting platform in which you can find better auto insurance companies. By the way, this can get your finances off to a good start . For myself, I have already chosen several pieces and insured my car and my mother-in-law's car. We are happy with everything and all the discounts all the different features. All in all, we are satisfied.

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