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    Talking Syntec 6MB Post Processor

    I'm stuck between using RhinoCAM and SheetCAM... I'm not familiar with creating post processors unfortunately. Rhino has a post processor for my controller but I'm using a Donek D2 drag knife and I'm not sure how to get it to work on RhinoCAM.
    So SheetCAM is my other option since it already has the drag knife tool already on the program. Unfortunately SheetCAM doesn't have a post processor for my machine. I'm running a 3 axis machine with 16 tool changer, Syntec 6MB controller and
    i'm using just flat mill and round mill bits and a Donek drag knife cutting EVA foam. Thank you for your time!

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    Re: Syntec 6MB Post Processor

    Im not familiar with either first hand, but I just wanted to mention if you use the post processor for a Fanuc 0M it will run on the Syntec. In fact thats what I recommend everyone uses. Only difference is G20=G70 and G21=G71. Syntec uses 70,71 to switch from inch to mm.

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    Re: Syntec 6MB Post Processor

    I really hope a lot that may be you could help me.
    I've got the metal work 4th axis CNC machine from SENKE with SYNTEC 6mb controller.
    It is SKM6090 with working area 1060x600x300, 4 tools ATC spindle HQD GDZ 120-30-18Z/5.5kWt
    Iron casted body, worktable Y-axis moves. Very rigid design. 1000kg weight.

    Several issues exists:
    1) No CCW rotation to spindle. Pressing CCW button activates CW button and rotation.
    G84 thread cycle does not launch CCW and just pulls up, which would just lead to crash - tested without workpiece.
    I need to make threadings, but can not do it.

    There are 2 unconnected wires: 3 leads in 1st and 4 leads in 2nd, which are going from the machine itself to the DSP box. I suspect these are from the spindle as there is very simila unconnected wire on spindle top: one wired the other - not.
    I did not tested-short them yet by tester. But I just more than sure it is for CCW rotation.

    So, guys WHERE THE HELL TO ATTACH THEM IN DSP ? I have found CW rotation activates the switch at TB16 Board.
    Seems CCW is somewhere here as well.
    But everywhere are chinese tags.
    And it seems there should be some programming also in addition to the right connection.
    Please, help me

    2) I realised I need 5th axis to make my parts without re-install.
    I mean the roatation of 4th axis.
    Like this:

    So, what I need besides the 5th axis device itself ?
    How, where to connect it ? How to program the controller ?

    3) Also I realised I need 8 tools, so will make the additional frame with holders at the opposite side of the worktable.
    Currently there are 4 tools at on side.
    And that's why I would need the instructions on how to add +4 more tools in controller program.

    4) Do you have a detailed block diagram or schematics of Syntec 6MB ?
    Need it for emergency case if something would brake. I'm far away from China, so would repair by myself.

    There is almost no support from SENKE. It's manager Juan Liu reply very hard in general, sometime just stupid things which I did not ask, well, you know.
    They seem does not want to help.
    Also they cheated me with the spindle: installed 5.5kWt spindle instead 7.5kWt and forgot to make lubrication to rails(there are several more smaller issues like rust on workateble, some tools and lathe chuck, uncovered sides under worktable)
    Will fix everything by myself...demanded partial refund from them, however they seem do not want to refund.
    Very hard to communicate, long awaiting.
    However, tested the machineand it cuts very precisely.
    But consider cheating, bad communication, issues I would not recommend to buy from them to anybody.

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