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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking > Bending, Forging, Extrusion... > Fabmaster Shear/Guillotine backgauge loses position
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    Fabmaster Shear/Guillotine backgauge loses position

    Please point me to the right sub forum if I'm not in the right area.

    I have a 10year old Fabmaster cnc sheetmetal shear. The backstop is adjusted electronically with buttons on the front control panel. Recently the backstop has started losing it's position on the readout. The sensor keeps up when when only moving slowly but as soon as you rapid traverse it doesn't keep up and within no time it is out by a mile. I have tried adjusting the gap between the magnets and re-positioning endlessly all to no avail. So I got a price for a new sensor from the company we bought it from new and they want $850.00 odd !!!!!! I asked him to check his decimal place but he said that it was right.

    Surely there is a cheaper way? I've spent the day researching the sensors and I believe it is an, Hall effect rotary positioning sensor. Thing is most every one I see available has only 3 wires. Mine has 7.....

    Can anyone help me with an alternative to the gold plated spare

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    Re: Fabmaster Shear/Guillotine backgauge loses position

    For anyone interested I ended up having to purchase the super expensive original equipment rotary sensor. Fixed the problem though.

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