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    Plasmacam DHC2 help and/or help getting into the Plasmapig group

    Hi guys and gals. It's been a while since I have stopped in here. Life and all that, you know?

    Anyhow, I recently bought a Plasmacam DHC2-- one of the early DHC2 tables. I did not get the PC with it, nor the stock software. I have been in contact with Plasmacam and they said they were willing to help me out once I transfered ownership. So, after two weeks of trying to straighten that out (I bought this thing from a state surplus sale, so you know, bureaucracy...), and getting the transfer of ownership completed, I call them back to try to purchase the original software, and the guy was a complete A-hole to me. It seems once they saw my receipt for the table, and that I only paid $125 for it, that they decided they did not need my business. The guy literally laughed and told me that the only way to drive the machine was with their (from what I read) incredibly crappy cad/cam/motion control software and that I need to cough up $2000. This is simply not true, they have software that only drives the machine and has limited CAD/CAM and is likely what the machine came with. I am no stranger to CNC builds and setup, I explained to them that I don't need support, I just want to buy a copy of the original software. The "sales" guy kept telling me that the 3.11 software does not exist anymore. I believe this to be a bold faced lie. I have dealt with CNC machines that are 40 years old and been able to still get manufacturer support. To top it all off, all the paperwork they made me fill out to "transfer ownership" explicitly said that the original software license would be transferred with machine ownership.

    So first off, I apologize, this is a bit ranty because I am ticked. It's been a week since my phone conversation and my heart still starts hammering when I think about all that went down. I have never been treated that way by any manufacturer, ever! It was surreal. This guy told me it's my fault for buying a 10 year old machine. All this while my 1982 Bridgeport Boss CNC2 is hammering out parts in the background... SMH... Anyways, it feels good to vent a little bit.


    I'm looking for the software that came with the machine. Plasmacam refuses to acknowledge it exists. I asked him if I can find the software online, am I allowed to use it? His reply was that they don't support it anymore. I still don't care about support. If anyone has a copy or is willing to copy their disc, I am willing to purchase. Please PM me.

    I heard that the Plasmapig group on yahoo may at least have enough information for me to get another control software going, but I have applied to the group with both of my yahoo accounts, included my serial number and all they ask for, and it seems no one is monitoring the group-owner email anymore, because I cannot get a reply. The owners listed direct email address gets the mail bounced back to me. If anyone is a member and can try to raise the moderators, I'd appreciate someone helping me get my membership approved.

    Jason Campbell
    1982 Bridgeport Series 2 CNC
    1967 Clausing/Colechester 15x60 Round head Lathe

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    Re: Plasmacam DHC2 help and/or help getting into the Plasmapig group

    If you registered the table into your name, you can now log into The Owners Community and post a HELP request. Some people in the OC still have and use the old 3.11 software. MAYBE they will send you a copy.

    Also, there are several PlasmaCam Facebook Groups you could join and see what you get. I do not have the old 3.11 software. That is before my time.


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    Re: Plasmacam DHC2 help and/or help getting into the Plasmapig group

    Hello, Its been a very long time since I have been on the forum but I just saw this post. Did you ever find any assistance for your Plasmacam system software setup?

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