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    Talking How a hobby can be a profession.

    Hey All,

    I was curious about the feeling between profession and hobby. The stereotypical behaviour is always that people say that work is for the money but not to like it. I personally think that is a redicoulus way of thinking especially since you work around 2/5ths of your life. I really love my work and can positively say that it is a Hobby with the benefit of providing money. but am i one of the many or one of the few here?

    A very good show is Project Haut that I'm following. that is made by an architecture bureau with the target of building the biggest wooden apartment building in europe. all and good thats quite the project but how to show it, having a 3d model looks fun and has alot of detail but won't give the WoW effect, so they bought a Lasercutting machine and a passionated Modelbuider went and built a model of the coming building. (i added the photo's as attachments) that really looks awesome, and you do see that the care that has been given to the model is really of someone that has fun and cares about his project. he only hs been given tools that an individual cannot afford but is really cheap for a company to make his hobby worth value for the company.

    Link to project Haut:

    so I'm curious are you all at work for the money (first hand that is) or because you really love what you're doing. also, the really bold ones do you think you will expand your hobby to be proffitable and then build a company around it?
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    Re: How a hobby can be a profession.

    I can say my work USED to be a hobby, but also thast there is a real danger if you start treating your work as a hobby, you can mismanage your business and end up bankrupt rather quickly. Another thing that happens, is that once you start selling your services and having to deal with tough clients, deadlines, all the associated paperwork of running a business and taxes, collecting receivables, etc. That your "hobby" can CEASE TO BE FUN!!!
    So there's both sides of the coin, I could not say definitively that one is better than the other. I ended up taking a pretty big pay cut vs my last career and it's really mostly my side projects, i.e. "hobby projects" that I get real enjoyment out of, the solid modeling and prototyping jobs that come through the door seem to be either 90 percent daily grind, or something really interesting where as often as not, the guy bringing the job can't afford market price.

    My point is, enjoy your hobby- if you try to turn it into a business, it's a business. To make it a successful business, you will have to commit to running a business, which is a bunch of work that a lot of hobbyists who dream of converting their hobbies to businesses seem to never consider. I suppose if you work a retail job you haven.t much to lose, but I'd think twice before walking away from, let's say a medical practice- unless you absolutely hate it.

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    Re: How a hobby can be a profession.

    Fishing is my hobby but I don't see it as a profession unless you are not a villager

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    Re: How a hobby can be a profession.

    Wow, it's great when you have the opportunity to treat work as a hobby and vice versa. But the objective reality is that sometimes there are simply no such conditions. I really liked organizing small tourist trips, including abroad, but I didn't manage to stabilize a serious cash flow. It's a pity. But it turned into another hobby: foreign languages, and it helps me in my everyday life. You can use Duolingo to learn the basics and have a little chat with them, or you can click here and use this platform to learn Finnish, for example, and I'm pretty sure it can make your tour even better.

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