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    fiber laser recommendations

    hello everyone. i am in the market to buy a 30w or bigger fiber laser engraver. I have been looking at chinese lasers and at trotech lasers. trotech hasn't gotten a price to me yet.i am wanting to do firearms and medical parts mostly. steel glock slides and laser stippling on polymer frames. i have around 15 grand in cash saved up and what would be the best rout to take. i have a few options.1. i could buy a chinese laser and have money left over but risky.
    2.i can to to a place in texas who sells a chinese laser specifically made for firearms with there name on it. but the total price of the laser is 10grand but they don't sell the laser without a week long training in texas. so the total package is around 14500 which is most of my money i have saved.
    3. i can go with a trotech and have a very nice engraver and software but I'm afraid of the price.
    here are some of the lasers i was looking at

    texas laser/training

    chinese lasers
    eBay laser
    amazon laser
    another amazon one

    now tell me what ones i should stay away from and the pricing on them. should i look for a raycus or one with a ipg or what. thanks !!!

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    Re: fiber laser recommendations

    Buy this >>> LINK

    The 4rth axis is a plus if you are into fire arms, wear a pair of shades when you mark stainless material, maintain the height between your workpiece and the galvo head, 10mm higher or 10mm lower the fiber will not cut or engrave, fiber laser is only a high voltage type method so there`s no tubes to wear out unlike the CO2, the software is already included with it (EZcad2) I dont see why there`s a need for a week long training though, it`s just like a printer on metals, engraving texts you can directly use the included software but for custom logos or designs you can use it`s either sketchup or corel then export it in EZCAD2 in .dxf form. it can engrave steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, ETC. basically any metal you can think of, some metals need several passes specially if you want it to be deep (0.5mm and above) and no it cannot cut or engrave wood or any other non-metal materials

    On my opinion a separate PC or laptop is an advantage because you can set-up your table the way you want specially for mass production, a fixed table is very hard especially if you will now have several jigs on it and hundreds or thousands of materials to be printed on. plus you might need a decent video card on working with EZCAD2, built-in video cards will cause stutter or slow motion effect while dragging the .DXF file into place. in short you will be having a hard time aligning your design in place.

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    Re: fiber laser recommendations

    Trotec will be 4-5 times more expensive than a Chinese machine with the same wattage. Possibly even more. Please let us know when you get the quote from them.

    If you leaning toward a Chinese machine I would suggest to import the machine yourself and save thousands on reseller markup fees. You could invest the money you save on better hardware.
    Importing from China will allow you to select the components the machine is made of. I agree with KH0UJ, running and servicing fiber laser is fairly easy. The manual and the introduction videos would be enough for learning all standard functions and operations.

    Recently I have been working with one trustworthy Chinese assembly factory. I could introduce you to them if you decide to import.

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    Re: fiber laser recommendations

    Hey Josh, I can certainly help you out and we're also located in the United States. All of our machines come with free startup training and unlimited tech support. Plus we honor the Chinese warranties ourselves so that you never have to deal with any issues or repairs on your own. With your budget, you would have quite a few options. I can even get you into a 30W JPT MOPA laser for that price or you can opt for a standard Raycus laser source and still have plenty of money left over.

    Buying direct is not for everyone, but it is a bit easier with fiber lasers since there are only a handful of components. Knowing which components to choose and why is another story, but with enough research and patience, I'm sure you can figure it out. The biggest obstacle I think you'd face is not in finding a good quality machine or importing it yourself for that matter (don't forget 28.5% tariffs), but more so in learning the science behind picking the right settings, especially when it comes to stippling polymer grips. You'd be experimenting with several settings (power, speed, frequency, loops, line spacing, hatch type and hatch angle) to get the intended results. Here's where it really pays to have someone you can count on for orientation and ongoing advice.

    If you're interested, give me a call or shoot me an email. I can give you the best of both worlds without breaking the bank. You'll get the best quality Chinese fiber laser, US based startup training, US based unlimited tech support and a much better version of EZCad2 than what you'd get if you went through China directly.

    Danny Martinez
    Engraving Machines Plus, Corp.
    (321) 821-7774
    Melbourne, FL

    (321) 821-7774

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    okay thanks for the replies. i have been looking at ray fine lasers and have got good prices on them. i just ordered a desktop computer and i am going to go with the desktop style laser. i can get a 50w raycus with many extras for 7700
    or a 30w ipg for about the same or a 50w ipg for 14500. i see that the ipg kHz goes from 30-200 and the raycus goes from 30-100. is that a big deal or do i not need to worry about the kHz. is it worth it to get the ipg or just stay with the raycus and keep money left over.

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