I have a smaller Arburg injection molding machine and need some help diagnosing a problem. None of the hydraulics move.

What Ive checked so far...
  • Turned on 0.9 motor
  • Removed pipe from second pump at 0.11 and there was some flow.
  • Re-connected pipe and checked pressure at M0.2 and got ~3000psi. This one is good.
  • Removed pipe at 0.10 on primary pipe and got a whole lot of flow!
  • Replaced pipe and checked pressure at M0.1 and there was barely enough pressure to read on the gauge.

Now for some questions about the attached diagram....

  • The actuator at 0.15 seems to be hydraulically actuated? It seems to be the only one drawn without the coil looking lines.
  • The main pump 0.10 i guess is a variable piston pump?
  • The dotted line coming from the main pump 0.10, is this to control the pump volume?
  • Near the dotted line from the opposite end of the main pump, what is the square with the arrow though it?

If I go under the impression that when I remove the pipe from the main pump, since there is a lot of flow, that the pump is fully stroked because there is no hydraulic feedback to de-stroke the pump. When hooked back up, I get hardly any pressure at the test point. What am I messing here. Keep in mind I only have some general hydraulics knowledge and a lot of assumptions were made. Any thoughts on the issue or maybe I am just misunderstanding how this is supposed to work?

Here is a link to the schematic that can be zoomed in on with good quality. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N0f...ew?usp=sharing


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