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    Question Hurco VMX42i and TM8i - Major issues

    We got the machines in April. TM8i would not got to 4000 rpm only 2800 rpm and then crash out. We had the fix done in November after waiting for new parts! The machine couldn't tap properly or screw cut, had issues with it crashing and not being able to get into the screen without pressing ctrl, alt, delete. It has had a new rack and software upgrade. When you run parts count and then exit the program and run new parts, the remaining parts in parts count stays. The machine has crashed more than a few times. Our VMX42i needed a new belt in August. We were running a new program and in the graphics screen it was running a NC program that had been taken out of the machine, the only way to fix this was to turn off the machine and restart, tool arm had got stuck a few times so had to go into diagnostics and ATC maps and reset. Also, the screen freezes, again having to shut down and restart. The machines have had 12 call outs which relates to 66.5 hours for repairs only, not including machine down time, this doesn't calculate the times the machines weren't working. Clock on the VMX42i went back an hour and froze the machine, the engineer had to reset as it as it had messed up the bios, something as simple as the clock can shut one of these machines down. Would be very interested if anyone else has had this much trouble?

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    Re: Hurco VMX42i and TM8i - Major issues

    Where are you located, I have never seen that many problems out of two new machines. They are 2018 models right?

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