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    Amps vs motor vs controller?


    I have a 4.3 amp 4 axis controller and wondering about wiring the 34 stepper motors in series=3.2 amp or parallel=6.3 amps.
    Its seems like a no brainer question but I have to ask incase of other variables Im not aware of.
    Just a hobby machine.

    Thank you

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    Re: Amps vs motor vs controller?

    It actually depends on a lot of other things.
    While it will only have 68% of the torque when wired parallel, it may still outperform series if you need higher speeds, and the 68% is enough to do the job.

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    Re: Amps vs motor vs controller?

    I don't think ill need high speed which I guess I wont know without a actual speeds, one of my roughing tools paths top speed is 50ipm with a 50% on a .25 bit and a 1/4 cut depth. Its mostly for carving type work. The machine is about 53X53 cutting area with a rotary on the end. Singles on XZ and dual motors on Y. The only catch is the huge spindle weight. Im guessing >25lbs and the gantry is +80lbs.
    I just don't want to smoke anything.


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