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    Emco vmc100 + ATC + mach

    I'm in progress of retrofitting an emco vmc100.
    Help needed for the ATC, how to control it from mach3. Need a plug-in or add-on screen and help on connection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonyschalburg View Post
    I'm in progress of retrofitting an emco vmc100.
    Help needed for the ATC, how to control it from mach3. Need a plug-in or add-on screen and help on connection.
    I’m just about at the same point as you! Very interested to see what you find. It will be a great machine when it’s done.

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    Re: Emco vmc100 + ATC + mach

    Hey me too! I am in Norway.

    Mine is in transport so I havent seen it in the flesh yet. What is your plans regarding original motors, drivers and the original control? I will have a look at the stepper drivers (r3d413001) and see if its possible to drive them with a UC300ETH. I found a swedish guy who rebuilt two of them and he said he will send me his plans and his toolchanger macro. https://www.instagram.com/explore/ta...alengineering/

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    Re: Emco vmc100 + ATC + mach

    the most difficult part of it is to control spindle (at least for me). I tought about putting there a separate PWM controller for spindle engine, and making a translater board for encoder signal.
    Rest of it is just based on controling Z axis motnion and input signals drom proximity sensors. these signals are on the mainboard of EMCO control system so its quite easy except for a little detail- some of sensors works with 24V and other with 12V so there is a necessary to use some relays or transoptors for these signals.

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    Re: Emco vmc100 + ATC + mach

    I have started to look at the motors and drivers. I am in contact with oriental motors in Germany and they have a driver that would work with the Berger Lahr RDM 596/50 motors called CVD528BR-K, its only 24volts though so I am not sure if its strong enough. The best for me would be to use the R3d413001 drivers I got that is in my emcotronic controller but perhaps put in a smaller box together with the powersupply from the emcotronic. It seems a bit silly to have to have that big heavy box. I am not sure how to extract only the drivers and I have not figured out where the 50v comes from and if I also need -50v? For the toolchanger I am probably in the end going to do like Matal and modify the ATC turret and use a small stepper with a macro. https://www.instagram.com/p/BUkGf40jeO_/

    Also been taking apart the machine and looking at the possibility to change to 2phase steppers and common drivers. It looks very simple to do. Do you guys know exactly what the belt is and where one could buy new belts and pulleys if needed?

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    Re: Emco vmc100 + ATC + mach

    I'm in the process of a similar conversion on a PCMill 100 - which appears similar to the VMC.

    At the moment I'm planning on driving the original VFD - which either operates as a spindle with 0-10V to control speed, or when an input is taken high (Tool Change Mode) uses step & direction inputs - quite clever really!

    If that fails, I plan to use a Servo Drive from CNCDrive https://www.cncdrive.com/DG4S_08020.html I've used these before - and they're pretty good.

    They use step & direction only, but if you're controlling it from Mach3, with a fast enough motion controller (CSMIO-IP.M in my case), you can spin it fast enough to be a spindle. This will probably require changing the encoder. While CNCDrive sell these encoders: https://www.cncdrive.com/AMT103.html I'm unimpressed with them! Mainly because they are open and suffer from moisture / condensation. My preference is to use one of the many cheap Chinese encoders from eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/360-Pulse...YAAOSwPcVVs~lt. Although they are low resolution, it's plenty for this.

    There is a single proximity sensor for the turret position. There is one magnet for each tool position with an extra one between tool 7 & 8.
    The procedure for a tool change as far as I can see is:

    * Move Z up until the turret sensor activates. In this position, the spindle via a bevel gear connects to the turret.
    * If the turret has not been homed:
    * Rotate the turret until the next position the sensor activates and store the step count as MaxCount.
    * Repeat this. If the step count is lower than the last, store that as MinCount and set Tool Counter to 8. If it's greater, store count in MaxCount, Tool Counter to 9.
    * Rotate turret fast by (current tool - new tool) * MaxCount - 0.5 * MaxCount. (set direction by sign of (current tool - new tool)) this will stop half way between tools.
    * Rotate slowly in same direction until Tool Sensor Activates. Now selected tool is in correct location.
    * Activate 'Turret Exhaust' briefly - this uses air to blow swarf out of interface between tool & socket.
    * Move Z to Z Home position.

    I think the above will work! I'll write a macro soon & post it when it works.
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