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    Unusual question

    Hello! I'm a new here, so first of all I'd like to introduce myself and say hello for everyone.
    I work as CNC Machinist for 6 years. I worked in train industry 3 years (milling machines Haas VF 3,4,5) and now I work in a company which has own production of hydraulic press (I operate Honor Seiki vl 125 cm). I have unusual qestion about work in Canada as CNC machinist. I know that maybe it is not a perfect place to ask about it but maybe somebody could help.
    I am going to try move to Canada from Poland.
    I' going to try with IEC program and here is my question. Do I need any certificate or something to work in Canada as CNC machinist? Can I just come there (on IEC condition) and start work as CNC machinist? I would like to start in Ontario. It is important to get this information because I'd like to work in my profession which, I can see there is highly demand on this work in Canada.
    I was searching internet but couldn' find any information.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Unusual question

    I have never heard of any certificates required to work as a CNC tech. You just need to prove your skills. Where are you in Poland?

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    Re: Unusual question

    Thank you for your answer. I live in Bydgoszcz.

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    Re: Unusual question

    Quote Originally Posted by Globetrotter93 View Post
    Thank you for your answer. I live in Bydgoszcz.
    Just drove through on my way up to Gdansk from Poznan.

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    Re: Unusual question

    You could come to my place for coffe :-) First visit in Poland? Could you tell me a little bit more about CNC labor market in Canada? I can see taht there is a lot of job vacancies. Should be a problem to find a job (on some forums people say that without canadian experience it could be hard even if is high demand on some jobs)
    Thank you in advance!

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