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    Help with Iemca 432r

    Dear Friends,

    I have a problem with my Iemca 432r barloader. It does not work correctly with hexagon bars. When it changes the bar the hexagon does not meet the right position in spindle on swiss type lathe and there appears an alarm 27.error stationary position before impulse. I think I didnt set up the barloader when I installed it to lathe. Number of impulses and parameter 11 are writen.
    But I do not now how to set up the other parameters when the barloader is beeing installed on the swiss type lathe for the first time. Could anybody write me what should I do step by step when installing barloader on lathe? I mean which parameter I have to measure and write to settings. I have to set up C fecing point but it needs service code. Could anybode know this code? Maybe prv.

    Best Regards
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