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    Feb 2014

    Need advice please

    Hail the reader,

    Please help me... I am frustrated to the core!!!
    I know I am 83 years young, but have a very active brain and am always very busy... I bought a 3D CNC Router thinking that I can do some work in my corel draw and produce some nice engraved plaques.
    Unfortunately after some 7 weeks of trying to learn I simply can not get it to work,,, Can some good soul please help me?
    I have a small hobby 3D CNC Router. I am at a loss to get this thing to work. 7 Weeks and more of exhaustive internet investigation and studying tutorials have brought me no further than the day I started.This thing called G code can not import any even simple design to engrave.
    I wait in anxious anticipation to learn from some good Samaritan who will spend a little time with this very frustrated old man. I am always available as I am a paraplegic and permanently laid up.
    I thank you for reading this and considering my sincere plea.

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    Feb 2019
    Sorry, not completely understood the essence of your problem. So do you have problems with the protocols or anything similar? May be youcan provide screenshot of the problem you see?

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    May 2006

    Re: Need advice please

    Ok now, you are in good hands,
    I have been doing this since 1968, there is nothing i cannot explain or actually do with CAD and CNC.
    It is a mystery to most but all so rational as mathematics , it really is simple old tech.

    What is your prior experience coming into this field ?
    Been doing this too long

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    Re: Need advice please

    Old post... hope he sees that it's been responded to. I suspect from "This thing called G code can not import any even simple design to engrave." that he doesn't have any CAM software...

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