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Thread: MAXPRO200

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    Hi all,

    I need a bit of enlightenment in regards to Motion output signal to CNC, please
    On the manual, it states that "Outputs are optically isolated, open-collector, transistors"... it means that we will get a 24V HI/LOW signal after arc transfer and not a dry contact?

    Any help would be much appreciated


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    Re: MAXPRO200

    To wire this correctly you must know the coil needs to be energized through the open collector on the Maxpro200. The open collector has a positive and negative side as well as the power supply. To get the relay coil to open and close you need to energize it. This clipping the end off the power supply and stripping the two wires (just the ends) running the positive side (wire with the dotted line) to one of the little pins in the middle of the relay and running the open collector positive side to the other middle pin (tiny pins, soldered). Then you need to take the negative side of the open collector and wire it to the negative side of the power supply. When the collector is activate this completes the circuit and gives you Arc ok. These relays can be wired normally open or normally closed you want to wire it up normally open so that when ti closes you get signal. So on one side of the relay you can wire one side of the ark ok wires running to the PWM on either terminal and on the other side one terminal will be set to normally open and the other will be normally closed. Check continuity so see which one is normally open and which one is closed. You want the open side.

    As seen in the pic
    1. Nothing
    2. Positive from Power supply
    3. Arc ok to PWM
    4. Arc ok to PWM
    5. Positive to open collector
    6. Nothing

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