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    toolchange issues

    We recently purchased a used mitsubishi mv5b with a meldas 520 control.
    On startup the control says tool 0 in spindle no matter what tool is actually in there. the other issue is tool changes, I call up a tool and the carousel doesn't move just changes what's there, after the tool change the carousel moves.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Take all physicsel tools. And call some active tool number. now, give a tool to called tool number. And call another active tool. Now, your physcical tool in the Atc. Press jog and go to the behind the machine. What you see? A atc set buttons and small door. Now you do nc switch of. and open the door, press mag. index button. When the physically installed tool comes to you, enter the number and hold down the set key. Now you set that tool.

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