First, the adaptability of laser inkjet printer is better

Laser printers have brought tremendous impact and sales competition to the printer industry that has been in development for nearly two decades. However, it is undeniable that its adaptability to traditional inkjet printers is still very strong. It is strong that some laser jet printers will not replace them! For example, cable industry, special steel industry, etc. In addition, laser equipment such as food and beverage, medical and health care, household chemicals, some building materials, auto parts, electronic appliances and other industries can still be competent, especially high-speed filling production lines.

The laser printer has a higher cost performance and does not require any post-consumer consumables. In general, most industries require and can use the printer. For laser machines, the lack of adaptability often reflects the strengths of one aspect, such as anti-counterfeiting marks, such as high-speed zero-failure marking, which are also one of the advantages that the other printers can't do.

Second, the stability of laser printer is better

Regardless of the manufacturer of the product, the efficiency and stability of the equipment are of particular concern. Whether it is what we call the "laser marking machine" or the "laser inkjet printer" called by the insiders, it is efficient and stable. The huge advantage of the aspect makes the inkjet printer far behind. In terms of stability, the stability of the laser printer is absolutely unmatched by the printer. In terms of the failure rate, the laser machine is far superior to the printer. From the printing effect, the laser laser burning, high penetration, anti-counterfeiting function, clear and beautiful mark will not be deformed, and can identify any font in the computer.

The laser marking machine directly passes the computer WINDOW system, everyone will use it. The parameters to be adjusted are simple and clear, and the amount of information that can be saved is large, suitable for a variety of products, a large amount of information, and can be marked at the same time. Engraved QR code, garbled range that some printers can't.

Third,the laser inkjet printer is more environmentally

The use of laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine and laser printer is in full compliance with national or local environmental protection requirements. It will not pollute the environment, and the place of use can be kept clean and clean. It is also an invisible protection for the user's body. Everyone should know that the printer's consumables are flammable and explosive chemicals, which are extremely volatile. It is easy to cause hidden damage to inhalers. In today's society, safety is a problem that is more important than production. No one can take it lightly. A safe and secure enterprise is a sustainable development with development prospects.