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    Inventor CAD Modeling compared with modeling using Fusion 360

    I am about to begin learning Autodesk Inventor which, as I understand, is very comparable to SolidWorks, neither of which I have experience. Since I have begun my experience using CNC equipment, I have primarily used the modeling tools that are opensource or like Fusion 360. How different are the modeling tools in Inventor to those in Fusion 360? I seem to be able to do most of what I need using Fusion, however, there are still many things regarding Fusion I'm still trying to figure out (i.e. selecting the proper toolpath strategy for whatever model I am trying to make, selecting 2D strategy vs 3D strategy, identifying how to set manual tool change to pause on my machine; and, most important, selecting the proper edges/faces, contours, etc for each operation, among others. What, if any, benefit will I receive by constructing my model using Autodesk Inventor versus simply using to tools provided in Fusion?

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    Re: Inventor CAD Modeling compared with modeling using Fusion 360

    My take is that both use the same underlying engine and tool and that most of the differences are in the user interface. If I knew Fusion, I would not go back to Inventor. I think you will find that the toolset in Inventor and Fusion are equivalent. How you do things are different in places, and the same in others. My guess is that Inventor will eventually become their second-tier tool, it if hasn't already, to Fusion. I teach both and find Fusion is generally easier to teach. Right now, I think there are more specialized add-ons for Inventor, but that seems to be changing. Both will load designs from the other. The CAM tools are exactly the same in both. I see no advantage in one or the other. The biggest plus to Fusion is that it runs on Macs as well as PC and is, but it's nature, cloud-based and automatically saves your designs in your cloud workspace. While Inventor can do this, it is not, to me at least, nearly as seamless. Hope this helps.

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