My brother loves Art Deco inspired home furnishings, so I made this clock as a Christmas present for him. The clock body was machined from Peruvian Walnut and is two 3/4" thick pieces glued together. The wings, also walnut, are 3/4" with the outside portion pocketed down to 1/2". The base is 3/4" Tiger Maple. I used the cnc spoilboard as a jig to setup for gluing on the wings. I have the back of the clock body vcarved with his name and "Christmas 2018". I can't take total credit for the design. I remembered seeing the clock in Woodsmith Magazine several years ago, so I dug out my old copies and found it. The original design was half the size and had only 1 wing on each side, body was 3/4" thick and wings 1/2" thick. I also rounded over all of the top edges. I going to give it to him Saturday at his home for Christmas Dinner.