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    Question MV Junior Spindle Speed way too Slow

    Hi Folks!

    I'm working on a project to revive a Mori Seiki MV Junior VMC with a Fanuc 10M Controller for quite a while now..

    Great progress has been made, as the machine (axes) and controller are now working almost entirerly. :banana:
    One problem stillt troubles me:

    When Im in MDI mode und try to run the spindle, just for testing (without tool) with:
    S1000 M03;
    then the spindle turns ON, but it turns only very slow! The movement also seems a bit irregular and not smooth.

    That means around 4 RPM or so. If I command an other RPM, the speed does not seem to adjust.

    If I turn the spindle off again and try to spin it by hand, it turns freely without any problems.

    The machine does not report any alarm or problem whatsoever.

    Previously, I have been resetting the machine completly, meaning entering all parameters, Options, Timers, Keeprelays by hand.
    Can this spindle behavior be the result of a wrong parameter?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Re: MV Junior Spindle Speed way too Slow

    Hi Again

    I found the problem.

    It was an incorrect setting of the PMC Data Table.
    The max. spindle speed is defined there.

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