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    Servo Amplifier HELP Mitsubishi


    I have a Mitsubishi MR S12 40A E01 X,Y drive. X works fine Y loses voltage when I turn the MPG and I get alarm 52. I have 150V when I power up. When the alarm goes off the voltage U,V,W on Y drops to 25v-35v. X works fine. If I slowly turn the MPG very slowly Y will operate. As soon as I turn faster or turn it to x50 it will alarm out 52 and 56. I changed the wires from X to Y and the issue moves from Y to X. Swapped servo motors made sure axis operated smoothly. It's defiantly the Y side of the drive. Any suggestions?

    Thank you

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    Re: Servo Amplifier HELP Mitsubishi

    What happened when you shifted Y motor to X. Did the alarm shift to X or remain at Y ?

    Normally alarm 52 is linked with encoder problem.

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